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Win a Kindle Fire Free

Win a Kindle Fire Free!

More about Kindle Fire?
Sure, go ahead, and read it all here.

How to Win?
Criteria is simple, just write an article about the contest on your website and promote the post, the post which have highest number of social media exposure will get the price. You can check out more details about it on contest page

Any Rules?

Oh yes, there are a few.
The winner will be announced on 26th October – Diwali.
The winner will be awarded with a brand new Kindle Fire tablet. The product will be shipped to your address directly from US and we will take care of all charges involved, including shipping and custom charges.
The winner will be selected on the maximum number of Facebook shares or likes, tweets, stumbles, diggs, etc. In case two participants end up having the same most number of social media shares, we will take the help of Random.org
Techcular.com reserves the rights to change the rules anytime during this contest, and cancel a entry if we smell some fishy activities.

All the very best and looking forward to witness some hardcore contestants!

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